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Our Company Profile


            Cuban Cuisine UK is the inspiration of Cuban Brit, Carla Cancio-Bello.   Ms.Cancio-Bello was raised in Miami by the Cuban family that adopted her English mother during the Second World War.  She learned to cook in her grandmother’s kitchen and has been sharing her expertise in Cuban cuisine with  friends and family ever since.     After graduating from Duke Law School , she practiced law in Miami for many years, but also kept cooking lots of Cuban food!



              The family returned to their English homeland in 2001.  The idea for Cuban Cuisine came after many years of requesting food parcels from her family in Miami.  Many of the key ingredients of Cuban food have been difficult, if not impossible, to source in the UK.  After a rather severe guava craving in 2012,  Carla started to research how to directly import Miami's food specialities and thus Cuban Cuisine UK was formed. 



            Ms. Cancio-Bello is especially grateful to Katya Torres de la Rocha, CEO of Mexgrocer,  for her business advice and expertise in establishing Cuban Cuisine UK.   She is also pleased to be working with Goya Nativo Foods and Don Mojito Del Rey to bring the best of Cuban and Caribbean food to your doorstep.   

Contact us by email at or call us at (01234) 709435