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Margarita's Recipe Box


My grandmother, Margarita Saavedra Ajamil, was an energetic, brilliant and creative woman.  In the 30's and 40's,  my grandmother owned her own party planning and catering business in bustling Central Havana. 


She cooked all of the dishes herself and was celebrated for her Cuban culinary skills.  She left me her prized recipes, carefully assembled over many years.  These yellowed cards contain her handwritten secrets for each recipe. 


Recreating her recipes in my kitchen transports me back to my home in Miami.  For her, the recipes addressed her desire to recapture the feeling and smells of Old Havana. 


Her love for Cuba fed her culinary inspirations and it shows in the recipes I am now sharing with you. 


I invite you to visit my blog and get inspired to cook some authentic Cuban food.


All of my recipes contain links to purchase some of the special ingredients that are central to Cuban Cooking.