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Guava and Cream Cheese on a stick:

A fast, elegant and easy appetiser.

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My personal favourite is Guava Jelly and Cream Cheese on a toasted sesame bagel

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Cuban Cuisine's Product Range

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Cuban Desserts and Sweet SnacksAncel Coco Rallado, Goya Guava Paste, Goya Dulce de Leche, Goya Guava Jelly, Goya Guava Wafers,

Goya Dulce de Leche Wafers


Caribbean Beans and Soups: Tropical Sun Black Beans, La Sierra Refried Black Beans, Tropical Sun Crabeye Beans, Tropical Sun Green PIgeon Peas, Caribbean Vegetable Soup and Cock Soup


Cuban Spices and Rubs: Goya Sazonador Total, Goya Adobo sin Pimienta, Goya Adobo with Habanero, Spicy Hill Scotch Bonnet Peppers, and

Tex's Coat n Bake.


Fiery Hot Sauces of the Tropics: Baron's Passion Fruit Sauce, Baron's Green Seasoning, Salsa Aji Nativo, Tropical Sun Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce and Tropical Sun Sweet Mango Chilli Sauce.  


Marinades and Cooking Sauces: El Sabor de Sasa Aji Panca Paste, El Sabor de Casa Aji Amarillo Paste, Solomon Gundy Paste, Natco Tamarind Concentrate and Walkerswood Jerk Seasoning


Plantain Crisps:  Olu Olu Sweet Plantain Crisps, Olu Olu Sweet Chilli Plantain Crisps, BMAC Blue Plantain Chips, BMAC Red Chilli Plantain Chips, Village Pride Chilli and Lime Plantain Crisps


Cuban Baking Secrets and Essences: Panela Nativo, Malta Goya, Rose Essensce, Pineapple Essence, Coconut Essence and Banana Essence. 


Super Healthy Cuban Drinks: Dagety Noni Juice, Goya Malta Brew, Rubicon Guanaban Juice and Goya Tamarind Juice                              


Gluten Free Flours and Flour Mixes: Nativo Plantain Flour, Aunt Jemima Cornbread Mix, Cornmeal Grits, Natco Barley Flour and Festival Mix. 


Tropical Fruits and Vegetables: Lamthong Sugar Cane, Jamaican Sun Callaloo, Jamaican Sun Ackee, Natco Mango Pulp, Rite Okra.

Find my recipe for Guava  and Cream Cheese Empanadas at

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The flesh of the Guava Fruit is a lovely shade of pink.

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Guava BBQ Sauce

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